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Chris Roberts has started a full-time career in academia after more than a quarter century in journalism. His years as a mass communicator means he understands the industry and can teach skills and theory to new generations of mass communicators. His work as an adjunct proves his ability in the classroom. And his academic career, culimating with completion of his doctoral degree in 2007, shows his aptitude for research.

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Academic papers
at AEJMC 2005
USC winner

A presentation of this paper won first place in the language and communication category of the University of South Carolina's Graduate School Day, and first place in its division at the AEJMC Southeastern Colloquium 2006.

Recent journalism

Two stories that led to a shared Society for American Business Editors and Writers national award in 2004.

HomeGold's luster fades
Regulators knew of problems...
Some other examples
S.C. government salaries -- an example of computer-assisted reporting and online database programming.
S.C. state agencies use taxpayer money to hire lobbyists (PDF)
Cool S.C. patents (PDF)
Santa Claus, CEO (PDF)
Why young blacks are fleeing S.C. -- using Census data to track a trend.
A century of S.C. change -- and for the state's black residents.
S.C.'s deadly roads -- first of an eight-part series that swept the S.C. Press Association contest.
Trouble with S.C.'s sex offender registry -- and how the law (S.C. Code of Laws 23-3-490)was changed.
Inside job: The story of massive theft in a school system and a flaw in the system.

What students say

Here are student comments from their evaluation of Journalism 304, the dreaded research methods class, taught to University of South Carolina undergraduates in the spring of 2002. Plenty of students have rated their professor.

Cocky is a former student.

Teaching a class in Africa
A chance to visit Senegal in November 2007 required missing a lecture of JOUR 201, USC's "Survey of Mass Communication" class. Here's how my students learned about television.

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